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Dan Carmichael Fine Art & Photography Highlights the Beauty of Snow

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North Carolina artist and photographer Dan Carmichael captures our state in all her moods and seasons, whether it’s the tenor of the waves or the peace of the rare snowfall. You’ll see images beyond the cliche icons of our state, yet each photo still evokes North Carolina’s personality in myriad ways. Picture North Carolina showcases his work from photos to paintings. There are scenes from around the state, some are of recognizable monuments and others of secret places awaiting the serendipitous discovery. His photographs and paintings reflect light, mood, and season with both vibrant colors and muted shades.

I’ve never met Dan but stumbled upon his work. I’m positively mesmerized by his photos. In light of the snow in our future (fingers crossed!), you might appreciate how he has captured snowfall in North Carolina. Wintry weather is a rarity so it’s lovely to see it documented in its resplendent, romantic glory.
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