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Hello Friends

Three years ago, without a word of warning, we took a hiatus. What happened? Our children were (and still are) growing into young adults, careers took different paths, and we were tired.

One thing we can safely say is that we have missed this little spot on the internet. Our little home celebrating all things North Carolina. After a lot of thought, we realized that maybe things were a little too granular with what we were writing about – our scope was too narrow.

So we are going to start sharing things here again that we love about our home. Lisa is itching to redesign the site (heaven help us all when she gets an idea like this) and a few folks will be stopping by to espouse themselves in essay form about their love of North Carolina.

Thank you for sticking around and giving us the space we needed. We are truly grateful.

MISSING CHILD – Help Find Jewel Fitzgerald

We never imagined human trafficking would hit so close to home, literally and figuratively. Our friend’s cousin is missing. It is believed she has been kidnapped by a ring in North Carolina, and she is suspected to be as far away as California.

Jewel Fitzgerald

14 years old (Let that sink in.) Birthday May 5, 2000

5ft 3 inches tall, 112 lbs

Last seen on the way to Northwest School of the Arts in Charlotte, NC on Wednesday, March 25

Jewel was last seen leaving home for school but never made it there. Please share this post this far and wide. If you have info please call 917-209-4851.


We Help the Missing

National Human Trafficking Resource Center