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You don’t need to go poking under a heap of granite to find a compelling story in North Carolina. This state is full of gems in its lush emerald landscape. Ilina and Lisa will follow the mountainous path of the Plott Hound and the waters of the Channel Bass to bring stories to life from mountains to coastlines. We will milk the state’s treasure troves to uncover people, places, and products that are sure to delight your senses and leave you pining for more. North Carolina’s stories are golden tapestries, rich with the colors, textures, and sweet honey tastes that pepper the heritage of the Old North State.

Raleigh based writer Ilina Ewen and Charlotte writer Lisa Frame have partnered to launch Handmade in North Carolina, a collection of what-nots and whereabouts from the Old North State. They began this concept in 2014 as a weekly feature on their respective blogs but have come together to build Handmade in North Carolina. They will take readers along on their journeys and serendipitous discoveries. Handmade in North Carolina will uncover stories about our state’s artists, writers, craftspeople, cooks, places, and humble citizens. It’s a site to celebrate North Carolina’s doers and thinkers. Ilina Ewen and Lisa Frame will showcase food, books, travel, fashion, art, jewelry, and so much more. You’ll see barbecue sauce featured one day and a regional charity the next, with all points in between. These women love food, fashion, travel, and words so the Carolina blue sky is the limit

The last chorus of our state song seems especially apropos:

“Then let all those who love us, love the land that we live in,

As happy a region as on this side of heaven,

Where plenty and peace, love and joy smile before us,

Raise aloud, raise together the heart thrilling chorus.

Hurrah! Hurrah! the Old North State forever,

Hurrah! Hurrah! the good Old North State.”